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Auto Mouse is an automation tool for Windows computers
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Auto Mouse is an automation tool for Windows computers. The application allows you to carry out pretty much any task automatically. It has a very complete framework that allows it to replicate any user-made task while you are not on the keyboard. As the name suggests, Auto Mouse can operate your mouse, but it also can replicate any key stroke on your keyboard. The application works like this: you give it instructions step by step like you would teach someone to open an application on Windows. There is a demo script that opens the notepad and types a text for you. Thus, you can open any application that you have installed on your computer, or with some thinking, even download and install new applications. Auto Mouse has (to some degree) visual recognition capabilities, but it isn't smart enough to do the tasks we do, like agreeing on a user license agreement or accepting a download. But if you think for it, you can make it happen. Instead of adding step by step instructions, you can also prerecord actions you want the application to perform. In short, with your help, this application can carry out certain tasks when you are not at the computer, but since the application has no intelligence whatsoever, there are no guaranteed results for your scripts. The more basic stuff, Auto Mouse can do just fine.

José Fernández
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  • Can easily perform basic operations


  • Depends greatly on user creativity
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